Top Coat Textil 112 ml

70 kr

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Top Coat: Top Coat is a water based, non-toxic urethane varnish designed to protect art work. Extremely flexible and tough finish ideally used on denim (primed with Denim Base) or leather to protect delicate artwork. 

Top Coat can be used on canvas, plastics, metal, wood, concrete, paper, glass, outdoor signs, etc. 

Top Coat is solvent resistant. It will resist scratching and scarring. Additionally it will protect colour from fading, due to an ultraviolet resistant finish. It dries crystal clear and is weather resistant. Always spray 2 to 3 dry coats first, then 1 or 2 additional heavy coats for the final finish. Top Coat does not need to be heat set. Always heat-set finished artwork first, then apply Top Coat.